I am LaKeisha

Wife, Mother, Author,  Motivator,
Virtual Support Specialist 

How can LaKeisha assist you? 

Life can be chaotic at times, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop you from chasing your dreams. With the proper guidance and tools, you can accomplish your goals! LaKeisha Davis can show you the way.

Through her business, LaKeisha assists other entrepreneurs and online coaches with General Administrative and Community Management Services. Her impeccable organizational and strong communication skills make her a valuable asset as an experienced Virtual Support Specialist.

Not only is LaKeisha highly skilled at her work, she’s also passionate about what she’s able to accomplish for her clients. As a mom, she is especially dedicated to helping other women with kids organize their lives in a way that makes everyday tasks and work more manageable. She lives by the words of Les Brown: “Help others achieve their dreams, and you will achieve yours.”

When she’s not busy assisting clients, LaKeisha enjoys her work in ministry, spending time with family, traveling, and watching football. She also finds joy in continual learning, which is why you’ll often find her doing research as a leisure activity. 

If you need a new approach to your personal and professional life, LaKeisha’s journal and course combo through Virtual Organization Zone will be transformative. You can start building a life of courage, trust, resilience, and joy; all you need to do is take the first step and allow LaKeisha to show you the way!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.