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A Passionate Educator and Motivator

On May 18, 2020, I became the owner and operator of Virtual Organization Zone LLC. I created this business because I chose not to return to the classroom. This was a tough decision to make.  I love being an advocate for the youth, and teaching drives my motivation. As a new norm has evolved in this world, I have to be a protector for my 1-year-old son. I refuse to send him to daycare at this time, but I  also want to continue to pursue my passion for teaching. So, as a result, I will educate from the comfort of my home.


I am an energetic Educator with over 12 years of elementary and middle school teaching experience. Creating a virtual learning environment is an opportunity that I am very excited about.  My passion for student achievement, student safety, and love for teaching and learning helps me plan, coordinate, and assist children with Reading and Math activities that will meet their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs. 

I understand that we are all facing "trying" times as we embrace unknown challenges. I desire to assist and help parents master Common Core Math.  "New" Math strategies seem hard, but they are not complicated. I can break Common Core Math Strategies down enjoyably and more easily. 


During my tenure as an Educator, I was recognized as "Teacher of the Year" and recognized for high student achievement on the Mississippi Math State Assessment; I have experience teaching in public schools and public charter schools. As an Educator, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration were my focal points. I possessed these qualities, as well as taught my students these components. Because of these characteristics, I can be a great asset to you and your child.


My teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that every child holds power to learn, excel, and reach their highest potential. My job as an Educator is to help them uncover their talents and coach them into embracing them. I feel the need to give back the value of education that was given to me.


When I am not focused on my clients or business, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and watching football. My favorite leisure activity is research. Every day I am learning ways to help students and parents. For me, learning never ends!

Mother and Daughter


My daughter Madison has been struggling with Eureka Math since last school year. I had been looking for a Tutor that really understood Eureka Math. Since joining VOZ Tutor, my daughter’s grades have gone to an A. Madison loves logging in and seeing Mrs. Keisha. Madison is always telling me how Mrs. Keisha makes math fun and easy to learn. We definitely give VOZ Tutor a 5 out of 5 services.

Kinasha Murphy